At Knc Garden Rooms, privacy is a top priority, and we are committed to protecting the data collected from our customers and potential customers online. We only gather essential data that enables us to deliver our services to the highest standards.

What information do we collect from customers?
We collect the following customer information:

- Names
- Address details
- Phone numbers
- Email addresses

How is this information utilized?
The collected information is used to provide our services to customers. Occasionally, we may use this data to update our customers with the latest news and offers. Customers who prefer not to receive marketing communications can opt-out using the contact details provided on our website.

Is this information shared?
We do not share customer information with third parties.

How is this information stored?
Customer data, such as names and addresses, are stored both in paper form in a filing cabinet and digitally on our office computers. Our office is secured, and we take all reasonable measures to protect our customers' data.

For how long do we retain information?
We retain information for as long as necessary to provide a high-quality service. Details like customer names and addresses are kept until they are no longer needed for ongoing customer support.

How do we dispose of collected information?
We securely dispose of all data. Paper records are shredded, and digital data is destroyed, with hard drives removed before disposing of or recycling computers.

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