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The KnC Garden Rooms 10-year shed guarantee provides protection against general timber rot and decay. However, the guarantee does not extend to natural occurrences such as timber splits or warping over time. To ensure the guarantee remains valid, the product must be assembled exactly as per the supplied instructions, treated yearly with a suitable high-quality preservative, and all glazing units must be sealed both internally and externally with silicone or another waterproof sealant. For detailed assembly and maintenance guidance for your garden building, please contact us. The 10-year shed guarantee from KnC Garden Rooms will become invalid if:

1) The product is not assembled correctly by the end user.

2) The base for the product is unsuitable - all structures should be erected on a solid, level base made from appropriate materials.

3) The product does not receive an annual treatment with a high-quality preservative.

4) Any windows are not sealed, both inside and out, with silicone or another waterproof sealant.

5) The product has been modified or altered in any manner.

6) The building has been exposed to trees, plants, or external walls post-assembly, which could introduce moisture to the timber.

7) Any timber is cut, pierced, or drilled without applying an approved cut-end treatment afterward.

8) The person making the claim is not the original buyer of the product.

9) The roofing felt or covering is damaged or improperly installed, leading to water penetration.

Note: Timber is a natural material subject to changes in appearance, such as movement, warping, and splitting, especially under extreme weather conditions. These changes do not compromise the product's structural integrity and are not included in the guarantee. Customers should re-treat the wooden building within 2-4 weeks using a solvent-based preserver.

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